Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Book Reader

The Akido Book Reader is an app to read books

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The Akido Book Reader is an app to read books. It supports plenty of ebook formats, allows you to organize your ebooks, and includes helpful options to customize the way you read. It also has a sleek design that makes you feel like your really looking through a library.

Once the Akido Book Reader is downloaded and installed you can start to sort your ebooks. The Akido Book Reader supports any text file in PDF or EPUB format, as well as books that have been encrypted by Adobe. The cover images make arranging your titles a breeze and simplifies what would be a tedious task.

The Akido Book Reader's classic book case design draws you in. And the ability to easily and intuitively change the reading parameters on it set it apart from other major ebook readers. With the Akido Book Reader you can change your font color and size, line-spacing, background color, and many other details you may have never even thought of.

The best way to read ebooks on a mobile device is with the Akido Book Reader. It works on almost all Android platforms, looks great, and is absolutely free.

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