Airtime Player

Airtime Player

View digital content during a flight with Airtime Player

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View digital content during a flight with Airtime Player.

This convenient Android application makes it possible for air travelers to enjoy movies, live television, and much more on their own mobile device. The application streams content from the airline's entertainment platform during the flight by utilizing the plane's WiFi connection. The interface is beautifully designed and user-friendly. Media can be accessed and controlled with a simple touch or swipe.

To gain access during the flight, passengers need to download the application on their mobile device prior to boarding. Additional plugins can also be downloaded. These plugins may be required to access different airline platforms and certain digitally-protected media. To ensure that the user's device is suitable for streaming, the Airtime Player application will display a sample video.

Once the plane takes off, users can connect to the in-flight WiFi connection to enjoy videos and get important flight information. Digital content is separated into various categories to make finding the perfect entertainment a breeze. Passengers can flip through live channels offered by the airline or search for an on-demand title. Users on longer flights with multiple connections can even stop and resume purchased titles on different planes.

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