FeaturePoints rewards you with gift cards for everyday activities


FeaturePoints rewards you with gift cards for everyday activities. App developers live and die on customer engagement, and that's why they're willing to partner with FeaturePoints for increased visibility. When you tether FeaturePoints to your phone, you'll automatically gain points for downloading apps from your device store. While there's a chosen catalog of apps that reward points, they rotate regularly and include some of the hottest and most well regarded apps on the market. Once they've been downloaded, all you have to do is spend a minute interacting with the app, and you'll automatically have points credited to your account.

Once accrued, these points can be traded in for gift cards at popular retailers and service providers like Steam, PayPal, and Google Play. You can also spend your points directly on the purchase of paid apps. While accruing enough points to make a sizable amount of money can take some time, there's little reason to not. Chances are likely that some of the apps you've already downloaded can earn you money, and FeaturePoints is a great way to discover new apps. You can further increase your payout by recommending your friends and sharing information on the cool apps you've discovered.

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