ZOOM Cloud Meetings

ZOOM Cloud Meetings

Zoom is a video conference call program that is used by businesses, schools and other organizations


Zoom is a video conference call program that is used by businesses, schools and other organizations. This program allows many people to meet while simultaneously talking, video chatting and texting each other through the programs. Users can choose if they want the camera on or off, and there are many features to help the host control the room.

Basic Features

At its core, Zoom is a conference call program that allows users to meet virtually. It uses the camera and mic in your device. This allows the other users to see and hear you while the meeting is going on. You can turn both the mic and camera off by pushing a button in the app. There is also a chat feature so that you can type to messages for the group.

Users can be invited to join the meeting as it is occurring, or you can send an invite link for people to join at the allotted time. You will typically set a day and time for the meeting when setting up a group. This can be a single meeting, or it can be a recurring meeting that happens the same day every week.

The host, or person who made the room, has more power than other users. The host can mute users if needed, eject members and there is a waiting room feature that filters people coming into the group. This is good for private meetings where you may not want certain people to join.

In general, Zoom has all the features you expect from a conference call app. It makes it easy to connect with other people whenever you need to, and you can all see each other as it uses your device's or computer's camera.

User Controls

Zoom exists on many platforms, but the controls are roughly the same for every system. The only major difference with the app is that you have somewhat more camera control. Regular users don't have quite as many tools as the host.

You'll be asked to set a name when you first join Zoom. This name will be carried over between all meetings. This is usually fine, but it might create some confusion if you use a certain title or name in one meeting that isn't applicable to another. Changing your displayed name is simple and can be done by simply touching your name and typing a new one.

Regular users can control which camera they want to use and if they want the camera on or off. This allows you to switch between the front and rear camera with ease. You can also choose whether you want the mic to pick up what you're saying. This is handy if someone is talking to you in the background and you don't want the group to hear you.

Users can also use the chat window to type messages. While this allows you to chat with the whole group by default, you can choose another user's name and chat with them privately. This makes it easy to share messages with people that may not be relevant or appropriate for the whole group.

While regular users lack some features, they can use the majority of tools that are available.

Screen Sharing

Users can share their screen so that others can see what is on their computer. This is useful for sharing documents, presentations, videos and other types of media. You can also choose to share your sound, which makes it easier for people to hear videos or audio files while you're sharing.

The host will set who has screen sharing permission when the group is made. For example, this feature might only be available to the host, or it could be given to regular users. The host can also set whether regular users need to request permission before sharing their screen.

This feature is very useful in professional environments where users are trying to learn from each other, but it's also good for friends if someone wants to share a video or something they saw on their device.

Different Systems

While this is the Android version of Zoom, one of the best things about Zoom is that meetings can be held regardless of each user's system. Each user can be on a different operating system, device or computer and you wouldn't even know it. The controls and features are roughly the same for each user, and everyone will still be able to meet regardless of their system.

This makes it very easy for people to meet because you don't have to coordinate devices or operating systems. As long as the person has the right invite link, then they can easily join the meeting.

Recording Meetings

Zoom allows you to record meetings as they are going on. This typically records both a video version where you can see and hear everyone along with an audio-only version, but you can choose one or the other in the settings. Much like with screen sharing, this feature might only be available to the host or all regular users depending on how the meeting is created.

Unlike most other features where you can use them without other users knowing, such as changing your video or chatting with other members, the record feature alerts all users that they are being recorded. Not only does it create an unavoidable alert for the user, but there will also be a graphic in the upper corner of the screen that says the meeting is being recorded.

There is currently no way to turn these alerts off, and that's good as some users may not want to be recorded.


While most conference call programs are only used by business users, Zoom has proved useful for many other uses. This is currently used by friends to meet online, to conduct virtual classrooms, online doctor visits and more. One of the major reasons for this is the powerful encryption that Zoom uses with every meeting. This makes it very difficult for malicious users to break into the meeting.

Another reason is its ease. This program is simple for both the host and regular users. While there are advanced features that you can use, the basic features only take seconds to grasp.


There are several ways to stay private on Zoom. The easiest way is to privately chat with someone by selecting their name from the list and typing a message. You can also request that the host make a breakout room. This is a smaller meeting within the major meeting.

All the users in the breakout room can talk to each other privately. You can then choose to either go back to the main meeting when you're finished, or you can leave the meeting entirely.


  • Allows users from any platform to meet online.
  • Has many features that only takes seconds to learn.
  • Includes privacy features such as a waiting room and private messaging.


  • Setting up a meeting for the first time can be difficult.
  • Reaching customer service is usually hard.

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