WD My Cloud

WD My Cloud

WD My Cloud is a free file management app for Android devices

File Management
Western Digital Technologies, Inc.

WD My Cloud is a free file management app for Android devices.

My Cloud is Western Digital's solution for photos, videos, music and other media files that users create. They're able to view them from any connected device as soon as they have the app installed on it. My Book Live, WD Sentinel and other electromechanical Western Digital drives can serve as a storage medium in this way. Newer SSD-based solutions from Western Digital that have networking options should also work every bit as well with the app.

This is especially useful for users who need to share data between different platforms. For instance, most people have a difficult time getting Android devices to recognize NTFS volumes. Likewise, Windows can't read the Linux file systems that Android often prefers. If all your files are stored remotely in this fashion, then you'll be able to access them without worrying about which file structure you're working with.

WD My Cloud also supports conventional online cloud services. The app currently provides support for Dropbox, Google Drive, MyCloud.com and Microsoft OneDrive. You could even move files between these services and any locally networked Western Digital storage volumes that you have attached to your mobile device.

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