Turbo Dismount

Turbo Dismount

The goal of Turbo Dismount is to smash crash test dummies

Secret Exit Ltd.

The goal of Turbo Dismount is to smash crash test dummies. Players build courses filled with vicious obstacles to get the most satisfying explosion when their dummies try to make it through.

Options for courses and obstacles are fun and varied. Some of the courses are more straightforward, some are elaborate ramp structures. Along the way through the circuits, players can set up everything from simple traffic cones to rough patches, oil slicks and full on brick walls.

Gamers can also control where in the car to put their crash test dummy, to experiment with how impacts affect them in different positions. Additionally, they can pick the camera shot for the course, to get a view from different angles. In a fun and potentially creepy real world twist, players can upload pictures of faces onto the dummies they are breaking apart, so if you want to see yourself or someone you know explode into a million pieces, this might be the perfect game for you.

The main appeal of the game is just watching the physics unfold. Set up obstacles and courses as creatively as you like, and then sit back and enjoy the destruction. It's a pretty satisfying disaster ride.

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