STANLEY Floor Plan

STANLEY Floor Plan

Stanley Floor Plan is an app that allows you to arrange rooms

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Stanley Floor Plan is an app that allows you to arrange rooms. With this app, you put in the dimensions of a room that you want to arrange. For example, if you want to buy new living room furniture, you might wonder about the different ways that it could be arranged in the room. Instead of wearing yourself out moving the actual furniture all over the room, you could use the Stanley Floor Plan app to do it virtually. This would be a lot faster and easier on your back and arms than it would be to move a big sofa and a few upholstered chairs.

This app can also be used to design a new room from scratch. Perhaps you would like to put an addition onto your home or build the home of your dreams. Even if it is just the home of your daydreams, the Stanley Floor Plan makes it possible. Select the type of room, its size and its hard features such as windows and doors. Next, you add in any plumbing fixtures such as sinks, faucets, toilets or showers. You then get to add in soft features such as pieces of furniture or other items.

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