SanDisk Memory Zone

SanDisk Memory Zone

Sandisk Memory Zone lets you manage your Android device’s memory

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Sandisk Memory Zone lets you manage your Android device’s memory. It works beautifully to maximize your storage space and has plenty of extra features to help you handle just about every type of file. Its look and feel are also top notch.

Once downloaded Sandisk Memory Zone helps you move photos, videos, and files seamlessly between your device, your sd card, and several different cloud services. It has a built in player to view photos, play videos, and play music. It can even play music in the background while you use your device to do other things. It can compress and decompress files which helps when you are attaching them to emails. The only setback is the fact that you must have the file located on the device itself to compress or decompress it.

The Sandisk Memory Zone interface makes a tedious task like arranging files pretty enjoyable. The file previews are great and make sorting through pictures and videos really fun. And the movie player works as well as any of the other major players.

Sandisk Memory Zone is great for managing data on your device. And the best part is it is totally free.

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