Samsung Link

Samsung Link

Store photos and files in the cloud with Samsung Link

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Store photos and files in the cloud with Samsung Link.

Samsung Link is a free Android application that's specifically designed for users that own a Samsung tablet or phone. Device owners can store up to 100 gigabytes of files in the cloud. These files can be accessed on any Samsung device as long as its connected to WiFi and logged into the same account. Files can be created on one phone, seamlessly edited on another, and viewed on a tablet.

Once the application is installed on the device, users can send virtually any type of file to the cloud. These files are stored on a remote server that's safe and secure. The interface of the application is sleek. Files are organized by type. Users can view galleries of their photos, videos, audio, and documents. Digital media is displayed in an attractive grid format. There's also a convenient search function to find files by name. When accessed, media can be moved, shared, or deleted as needed.

A separate settings menu provides information about the user's account. It displays the cloud storage capacities, available space, and registered devices.

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