PS Remote Play

PS Remote Play

Remote Play is an app designed to bring the fun of the Playstation 4 to any Android phone

PlayStation Mobile Inc.

Remote Play is an app designed to bring the fun of the Playstation 4 to any Android phone. It lets you stream games from your video console to your phone and use the phone as a controller. This app comes in handy when your controller dies or you run out of batteries.

Get started with the PS4 Remote Play app right away and use it as a tool with your console. It is compatible with both tablets and smartphones running a newer version of the Android operating system. You also need the free app and a DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller along with broadband internet with a minimum speed of 5Mbps. As long as you have a compatible game, it's easy to use this app.

One of the top benefits of Remote Play is that it is now compatible with PS5 consoles, too. If you were one of the lucky shoppers who picked the console up during its first release or snagged one later, you can easily connect it to the app on your tablet or smartphone and start playing.

Using the Remote Play gives you almost full access to your console through a wireless internet connection. You can check on the home screen to view the status of a game that you downloaded or to make sure that you turned it off before leaving. It also allows you to check on your progress when you're in a different room and make sure that your friends and family didn't disrupt your game.

Once you download the app, connect it to your Playstation account. You do not need to log in and out on the device each time that you use it as long as you log in the first time. Many players like that it lets them take their favorite games with them. The next time that someone wants to watch a movie on a streaming app at the same time that you play, you can send the game to your device and take it to a different room. You will also find that you have full control over what happens in the game as the app allows you to pause and start a new game as well as move your character.

Gamers noted a few problems with the Remote Play app that you should consider. One issue is that it is not compatible with all titles, which means that it may not work with all of the games in your library. You may find that it works well on some of your devices but is not compatible with others. Some gamers didn't like that they needed a strong and constant wireless connection to use the app either.

If you hate pausing your game when you need to use the bathroom or grab a snack, you'll appreciate this app. It works with both online and multiplayer games as well as first-person shooters and other games that you play alone. You can use it to keep an eye on your download queue and send information to other connected devices. Anyone who has a PS4 or PS5 console and wants a new or different way to play will benefit from the Remote Play app.


  • Compatible with many smartphones and tablets
  • Works with physical and downloaded games
  • Easy to use
  • Gives you more ways to play your favorite games
  • Suitable for users and players of all ages


  • May not work with all of your devices
  • Not compatible with all games
  • Needs a strong internet connection to run
  • Requires a constant wireless connection

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