Reduce Photo Size

Reduce Photo Size

Reduce Photo Size is a photo manipulation program


Reduce Photo Size is a photo manipulation program. People can use this program to reduce the size of their pictures if they need to for some reason. It gives them access to a tool that can help them do it within a few seconds. This is an awesome application because no matter what the person does to the image, the phone will keep the original picture.

The application has many features that help the user to manipulate the pictures easier. One of the main features that the app has is the screen tapping control. Users can just tap on their screens to make the reduction happen. Other features that one may find on the application are features such as various languages, cropping, resizing and more.

Thousands of people have used this application, and they have given it a collective rating of 4 stars out of five. Many of those people appreciated it for its simplicity and its effectiveness. Interested persons can download the app in a few minutes. All they need is Android 3.0 or better and at least 2 MB of space to fit everything in the phone's memory. They can start using the program immediately after downloading it.

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