Prayer Times

Prayer Times

The Prayer Times app lists common prayer times for followers of Islam

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Türkiye Takvimi

The Prayer Times app lists common prayer times for followers of Islam. Islamic prayers are listed by name and associated prayer time within the app. From there, users can keep track of which prayers they need to recite throughout the day. The app is quite simple and only lists the prayer names and times but not the actual prayers themselves. Not everyone knows the official prayer times, so the app is quite useful nonetheless.

When users open the app, they're presented with a single screen and a beautiful background. On that page, users will see prayer times and prayer names. The app follows commonly accepted guidelines for Islamic prayer on a day-to-day basis. Users can utilize these prayer times as a guideline, or they can follow the times strictly. For better or worse, the app doesn't really include any other features worth mentioning.

Undoubtedly, Prayer Times is a simple and somewhat unnecessary app. Strict Muslims may enjoy having the prayer names and times available at the touch of a button, though. It's an app of convenience worth downloading for a quick reminder. Otherwise, not everyone will find the app useful, and others would prefer to have the actual prayer verses available within the app.

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