PicArtPlus gives you the tools to alter your photos


PicArtPlus gives you the tools to alter your photos. There's no need to go through the tedious process of uploading your photos to your computer and running them through a professional photo editing suite like Adobe PhotoShop when you have PicArtPlus on your phone. This photo editing app is designed to take into account the specific needs and limitations of mobile users and pack in as many functions as possible.

Speed and ease of use are both important components of PicArtPlus, and it's designed to help users get the look they want in seconds. While you won't find the depth of tools and functions you'll get from a more professional photo editing studio, you will get the tools you need to filter your existing photos and create personalized wallpaper for your device. Over 21 effects are available, and they can automatically be applied to any photo that you open through PicArtPlus. These include the ability to add depth, create an embossing effect, or heighten the lighting in your photos. Four seasonal filters allow you to properly evoke the time of year, as well as cool functions like inversion and snowfall effects. Once you're finished editing, you can upload your altered photos to social media with a simple click

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