Learn how to complete complicated math problems with PhotoMath

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Photomath, Inc.

Learn how to complete complicated math problems with PhotoMath.

The PhotoMath application takes the guesswork out of math problems. It's a unique program that utilizes the camera of the user's mobile device. Simply snap a photo of the problem and let the application do the work. It will find the solution to provide users with the right answer.

In addition to showing users the answer, it provides a detailed explanation of how it got there. The application will walk the user through the problem so that they can get a better understanding of how it's solved. Explanations are broken down into steps and come with short detailed comments to make things easier to understand.

PhotoMath has a simple and intuitive design. Users can upload a photo they've taken of the math problem or use their camera to take a picture straight from the application. Within a matter of seconds, it will read the problem and provide the answer. The result is displayed in red. Previous answers are saved for future review. The application works best with printed problems on those on a screen. If PhotoMath has trouble reading a math problem, users can send the photo for review.

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