Lyft is an app that allows you to find rides

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Lyft, Inc.

Lyft is an app that allows you to find rides. With the app, you can post a request for a ride or search for available rides that are close to your current location. If you are in need of a ride, you enter your location information and enter your payment information, then local Lyft drivers will be able to select you as an option and meet your need for a ride to someplace. Lyft primarily operates in urban areas, and it is an alternative to taxi cab rides.

Lyft also allows you to earn some extra money on the side. You could sign up as a driver for Lyft through the app. When you need to earn some extra money, just change your status to available and start picking and choosing from the people that you would like to drive to a place. You get to choose when to work, making it an ideal option for when you need some extra cash or between gigs or freelance jobs. Lyft has an app that is easy to use for both drivers and the people who are in need of a ride. The payments process is simplified and secure through the app.

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