is an app for broadcasting live video

Developer Broadcast
OS is an app for broadcasting live video. After downloading and installing the software, the user can stream live video directly to the internet using the device's cameras. The software has a section to browse other users' videos as well, making a complete social media platform where users can connect with one another. One can follow specific broadcasters and create a feed where only their live videos and social media posts will appear. The app features connectivity with Youtube, Twitter and Facebook for further integration with popular social media accounts where users can share their broadcasts and recorded videos. Finally, the app has a rewards system based on how long a user streams. Using these rewards, a user can unlock fun stickers and other features that can be used during broadcasts.

The software requires Android operating system version 4.4 and up. Due to the extensive graphics and features of the app, it takes up 43.98 megabytes of space and requires 34 permissions for operation. supports 23 languages: English, Thai, Turkish, Korean, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, German, French, Portugeuse, Spanish, Romaian, Vietnamese, Catalan, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Czech, Polish and Dutch. The app is free to download and use.

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