ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is a mobile file management system

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ES File Explorer is a mobile file management system. File management is considered a crucial aspect of most desktop operating systems, but it's a component often neglected in the native suites of mobile devices. Sorting, managing, and manipulate your files can be a real hassle, and this becomes an increasingly more pressing problem as people use their phones as a more integral tool in their personal and professional lives. ES File Explorer offers a lot of options for users looking for more control of their stored files.

File Explorer supports a large range of the most popular files used on phones. You'll be able to sort and organize images, movies, music, documents, and more, and its clean and inviting interface makes the process less tedious. Built in viewers and players are available so that you can quickly identify ambiguous files on your phone and better figure out what to do with them. Copying, cutting, pasting, and deleting can all be handled with simple touch screen gestures. If you're looking to make more space on your phone, zipping and unzipping options are also included.

File Explorer allows you to reach both locally stored files and remotely stored files on popular services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

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