DuckDuckGo Search and Stories

DuckDuckGo Search and Stories

DuckDuckGo is a mobile browser with a focus on security


DuckDuckGo is a mobile browser with a focus on security. With rising concerns about search engine companies like Google selling personal information and uncertainty surrounding net neutrality laws, online privacy is more important than ever. DuckDuckGo Search and Stories takes the privacy of their users seriously, and that's reflected in their robust security functions.

First developed for Windows, the Android version builds on the principles already in place to create a smooth browsing experience. DuckDuckGo never saves your personal information or browsing history, and it thoroughly removes it once you're done with your session so you won't have to worry about anyone else having access to your personal credentials.

A number of other security features bulk out the DuckDuckGo experience. When possible, they require external sites to use encrypted protection, and they automatically block trackers that are embedded in a number of online sites. This will keep you off the map from marketers, advertisers, and pirates who want to exploit your information for commercial or criminal purposes. Another cool function is that DuckDuckGo analyzes the terms and services to many websites and provides them with a grade so users will know exactly how much they can trust the privacy of the sites they visit.

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