Bluetooth Notifier

Bluetooth Notifier

Bluetooth Notifier is a simple notification program


Bluetooth Notifier is a simple notification program. What it does is alert the person as to when a new Bluetooth connection establishes itself with the person's phone. The program also notifies the person if his or her device loses a Bluetooth connection. It comes in handy, especially for people who choose to be visible and sometimes miss when other devices connect to theirs.

The application alerts the person of new Bluetooth connections by a sound alert so that he or she can't miss it. The user also receives an on-screen notification just to make sure that the message is extra clear. The user can receive notifications of powering on or off if that person wants to be notified of it.

Bluetooth Notifier has been available since mid-2016 and has been downloaded and used by thousands of people. The average rating for the application is a 3.5. People who praised the program said that they liked it because it did exactly what it was supposed to do.

Users with Android version 3.0 and newer versions can use Bluetooth Notifier now. They must have 1.53 MB of space, as well. The newest versions of the program include some fixed bugs and interface improvements.

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