Temple Run

Temple Run

Temple Run is a game in the endless runner genre

Imangi Studios

Temple Run is a game in the endless runner genre. Drawing from inspiration like Indiana Jones and old pulp serials, Temple Run puts you in the role of a plucky adventurer lost in an ancient civilization. You hold in your hands a priceless relic, but demonic monkeys are on your trail.

The plot isn't terribly important, but the aesthetics of the game add a nice feel to this quasi-three dimensional runner. The environments take you on a tour of exotic locales, covering everything from lush jungles to damp caves to magnificent ancient temples. The gameplay is deceptively simple. Your character constantly runs forward, and you have to stay ahead of your pursuers by guiding them around obstacles and over traps and pits. This is handled with simple swipes of your fingers, but as the environment becomes more challenging, you're forced to rely on lightning quick reflexes to keep up. Coins scattered throughout the level create a risk vs. reward situation, and designated challenges are a great motivator to push yourself further.

An even more enticing motivation is the in-game store in which you can spend your hard earned coins. There's a lot to buy here, from power-ups you can use in game to new characters to take on your next run.

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