Solitaire Free

Solitaire Free

Play your favorite card game to your heart’s content

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Play your favorite card game to your heart’s content.

With this free download, Solitaire will always be avaiable at your beck on and call on your Android device. This is a classic card game that many will remember playing on the living room coffee table, complete with cards laid out in a line. The hours of entertainment that it can provide is unique to most games ever created. This same game can now be enjoyed on mobile devices, so the play can commence no matter where one is at the time.

This particular version of Solitaire is free. It also comes complete with great graphics that make the game appear to be played in real life. It is easy to navigate. Just swipe the cards into position and you will be ready to continue playing. Hands are dealt with ease as well. When you are ready to begin a new game, the system will shuffle the cards for you automatically. If you like to play against yourself, the game will record your best times so you can continue to try to get better with each new deal. Download the game today and begin enjoying the game of Solitaire like never before.

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