Score! Hero

Score! Hero

Experience the life of a soccer pro with Score!

First Touch Games Ltd.

Experience the life of a soccer pro with Score! Hero. This addictive soccer game boasts impressive three dimensional graphics, advanced physics, and a loving approach to football that emphasizes the real fundamentals of the game without sacrificing the desire for arcade style gameplay in the process.

Games in Score! Hero don't take place in a vacuum. Instead, you guide a player through the entire course of their career, and it's a long one. Over 580 levels are included in the core game, offering a smooth learning curve that develops you from an absolute novice to one of the top players in the world. All of this is coupled with a traditional rags to riches story. A focus is on the offense, with the ability to bend shots and split defenses. While your ultimate goal may be to win every game, a number of additional challenges mean that coming back to replay earlier levels is a necessity for completionists.

You'll need all the tools at your disposal, as the AI won't just continue using the same tired strategies over and over again. They'll adapt to your style of play and provide counterstrategies, forcing you to mix up your style and move out of your comfort zone.

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