Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3

Speed past opponents from around the world with Real Racing 3


Speed past opponents from around the world with Real Racing 3.

Real Racing 3 is a fast-paced racing game that's focused on multiplayer action. The game connects players with others in real time. Users take control of realistic cars and race on vibrant tracks. There are a number of game modes to choose from. Players can choose a race that complements their skill level. Within each skill level is a unique set of vehicles to choose from.

In terms of graphics, Real Racing 3 is top of the line. It's optimized for mobile devices but doesn't sacrifice details and clarity. The colors are vibrant and the game models are complete with shadows, reflections, and a range of other details that make the game pop. Many of the vehicles that players can choose from are modeled off of real-life cars from some of the most popular manufacturers. Controlling vehicles is simple. Players can customize where steering and braking are handled on the screen.

Real Racing 3 is completely free to play. For those that want to make the most out of their racing experience, the application has a number of optional purchases. These purchases can unlock new cars, tracks, and features.

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