Puffin Web Browser Free

Puffin Web Browser Free

Puffin Web Browser Free is a high-speed browser for Android devices

CloudMosa Inc

Puffin Web Browser Free is a high-speed browser for Android devices. This browser may be used for both mobile and desktop viewing. Puffin relies on cloud servers to provide faster page loads and rendering and is considered the fastest JavaScript engine. All web traffic on Puffin is encrypted to provide top-notch security from hacking threats.

Thanks to a proprietary compression algorithm, Puffin typically saves up to 90% of bandwidth as compared to other web browsers when transmitting data. Keep in mind that streaming video and Flash content will use up more bandwidth than other web based applications.

To ensure fast download speeds, Puffin makes regular updates to its cloud servers. Also,Puffin updates Flash Player when the latest versions become available. Puffin now provides Adobe-Over-Flash Cloud at any time without an additional in-app purchase.

In addition, this browser features theater mode for viewing Flash games and video content. Puffin also features a gamepad and virtual trackpad. Select a color theme to personalize your toolbar and sidebar.

Unfortunately, since Puffin cloud servers only access public web sites from US geolocations, those living outside the United States may not be able to use Puffin due to geo-restrictions imposed by their country of origin.