Nest provides a variety of convenient home automation tools

Nest Labs Inc.

Nest provides a variety of convenient home automation tools. The Nest product line is designed around making the simple chores of our life easy. Their robust and growing collection of products allow you to automate multiple aspects of your home, and the Nest app centralizes all of these devices in one place.

Of course, the more Nest products you have in your home, the more value you're going to get from the Nest app. It serves as a remote controller for your home. Nest's products function through your home's WiFi network, but the app doesn't require you similarly be synched to the same system. That means you can check in on your alarms and thermostats no matter where you happen to be. The app functions intuitively with Nest alarms, which are designed to learn about your behaviors. It can automatically send alerts when it realizes you've left the home without setting the alarm, and you can check in on any concerns triggered by smoke or carbon monoxide detectors. It will even tell you when the batteries are getting low.

But the most convenient feature of the app is its ability to control your devices no matter where you are. Never again will you have to get up to set your alarm or change the temperature in your house.

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