My town

My town

My Town is an interactive doll house for Android

My Town Games Ltd

My Town is an interactive doll house for Android. There's no need to setup and maintain a physical dollhouse when you have My Town. My Town offers a level of simulated experience that you could never reach with traditional dolls, even as it evokes the feeling of wonderment and play so many of us enjoyed when we were younger. My Town offers six fully featured rooms with a wide range of objects to interact with, and the home also comes equipped with a back yard complete with playground.

But the real fun comes from interacting with your living, breathing family. There are a whole host of characters to choose from, so you can build the family you want, and each comes with their own personality. You can dress them up from a massive wardrobe of clothing then guide them on their daily adventures.

What's refreshing about My Town is its unfettered sense of play. While many games these days are narrative driven, guiding you along a set course from start to finish, My Town doesn't burden you with challenges, quests, or objectives. You can choose to play how you want without feeling obliged to chase after feedback loops or rewards.

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