MightyText lets you send SMS messages from numerous devices

MightyText: SMS Texting w/ PC - Free SMS Messaging

MightyText lets you send SMS messages from numerous devices. SMS text messaging has become one of the most effective and convenient methods for communication, but checking your phone every few minutes just to check and see if there are any important messages can be a hassle. MightyText links your SMS messages to a wide range of modern devices so you can read, draft, and send messages regardless of where you happen to be.

MightyText functions with iOS mobile devices, Windows-based PCs, and MacBooks, and it runs quietly in the back of your machine. You'll be alerted whenever you get a new message through an unobtrusive interface. It also displays a caller ID for incoming calls and picture messages. But the functionality of MightyText extends beyond simple alerts. Managing your messages can become a significantly easier affair when you make use of MightyText. You can send complex messages using your computer's keyboard rather than the inefficient virtual keyboard of your phone or tablet, and you can schedule SMS messages in advance and set a time for their delivery. MightyText is easy on the battery of your device and is streamlined to minimize memory usage as well. It can be used to send texts to groups as large as 25 people.

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