Music Player

Music Player

Access and manage your music collection with Kepler Music Player


Access and manage your music collection with Kepler Music Player.

The Kepler Music Player Android application can be used to listen to music files on your device. It provides quick access to files and allows you to add them to your library. With a simple press of the "refresh" button, users can do a quick search for new files and update their collection. Once songs are added, the application will organize the music based on artist, song title, genre, and album. Users can also create custom playlists to suit any situation.

The player itself is designed to be minimal and easy to use. It comes with a collection of attractive background skins. Album artwork is displayed prominently on every screen to improve usability. The application also has lock screen support. Even when the phone is locked, users will have complete control of their music. Not only does the application provide artist information and artwork, but it also allows users to skip, pause, fast forward, and stop a song from the lock screen.

Those that want to customize the listening experience can do so on the Kepler Music Player. Five equalizer bands can be adjusted to tweak the sound. There's also 15 presets to achieve the perfect tone.

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