Just Dance Now

Just Dance Now

Just Dance Now is a controller for the Just Dance game

Ubisoft Entertainment

Just Dance Now is a controller for the Just Dance game. Available on most major consoles and PCs, Just Dance is a party game that tasks players with perfecting their dance moves and showing off what they've got. It's the kind of game that only becomes more addictive the more friends you invite, and the Just Dance Now means that you can party well into the night even if you don't have video game controllers for everyone.

Just Dance reads your movements based off of motion controls, and the Just Dance Now controller relies on the accelerometer in most modern mobile devices to simulate the sensation of dancing. Just Dance Now is compatible with the disc-based and downloaded versions of Just Dance for consoles and PCs, but it can also be used in conjunction with a robust selection of internet connected devices. Anyone with access to an Apple TV, Chromecast, or compatible Smart TV can play Just Dance through the use of this app.

Over 300 songs are available, and the online interactivity of the game means that you can scale your dance party to as many friends as you can find, even if they number in the hundreds.

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