Holy Quran

Holy Quran

The Holy-Quran is an app for Muslims

Hamdy Ghanem

The Holy-Quran is an app for Muslims. The Holy-Quran comes to life with this exceptional app for your android phone. It's designed to help you stay on the right course with Mecca in mind. This android software program will stimulate your mind and help you take your spirituality to the next level.

With The Holy-Quran app installed on your phone, you are now able to read one of the most religious and inspirational books known to man. You can read The Quran's spiritual texts in several different formats. You can choose a format that will be suitable for your personal studies with ease. This feature is important when it comes to you interpreting the passages.

The Holy-Quran can be read while you are at home or out in public. You can use this app for your personal studies, and you can use it at the mosque. There's no need for you to carry the physical book with you. Simply pull out your android and go to the app.

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