Drum Machine

Drum Machine

Walk the beat of your own drum with Drum Machine

Trajkovski Labs

Walk the beat of your own drum with Drum Machine.

Hardcore audiophiles and serious musicians, it would seem, have an uncommonly virulent hatred towards modern producers and DJ's. It started with the advent of Serato, a digital DJ'ing application that caused purists to cry foul with its ease of use and ability to easily cut and scratch mp3 files like they were vinyl. This blinding rage eventually ebbed into a dull, throbbing resentment as more and more applications of Serato's ilk came onto the market and closed the gap between purists and casual music-makers. Years since Serato's inception have led society to the birth of Drum Machine by Android, the most user friendly and foolproof apparatus yet.

Drum Machine, as implied by its straight-forward name, is a bare bones type of interface. There are eight pads, each yielding a different sound from kicks to hi hats and everywhere in between. Drum Machine comes with a rhythm sequencer for more complex drum loops, as well as a bank full of effects such as flanger and reverb. Drum Machine for Android is a hardy piece of software, designed to be easily used by aspiring musicians of all skill levels and music genres.

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