Car Racing

Car Racing

Burn rubber and race like the pros with this download


Burn rubber and race like the pros with this download.

Designed and optimized for the Android platform, this is a car racing program that packs quite the punch. The first thing that you will notice is the real life graphics that this program has built into it. You will feel like you are right there on the track, feeling the power of the engine coming through the steering wheel. Just make sure that you are to handle the hairpin turns that seem to come out of nowhere. Even the sound effects built into this program are something special, to the point that you will feel that you are right there in the middle of the race.

Dlto Car Racing is a simple to learn download that you will be glad to have on your mobile device. It is sure to provide hours of entertainment, no matter where you are. You get to choose the style of car that you use, and there are multiple tracks to select from as well. Each race is unique and brings its own series of twists and turns to the equation. Get into the midst of the action and learn to race like the pros.

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