The Best Workout Apps

For a long time, working out solo was challenging and complex. Technology is making everything easy, including working out and ensuring you are in good shape. There are many apps that now people can download and install on their smartphones and get professional training services at the comfort of their homes. These apps have it cheap and convenient for many people to access personal trainers, which makes them appealing to many of them. Whether you are a professional athlete or just a person who wants to be fit, there are free apps that you can use for your workouts.

5 Best Workout Apps

There are plenty of apps that you can download and have your trainer in your pocket. Some of the top workout apps you should check out are:

1. Daily Yoga

This app is suitable for anybody who wants to work out through yoga exercises. It is suitable for experienced yogi and newbies hence a must-have workout companion. It comes with more than 100 free yoga classes, which yoga teachers have customized. The app helps you squeeze a workout routine into your busy schedule conveniently. The classes are fun, and there is a two-week-long induction class for those who are new to yoga. It comes with video sessions to make it easy for you to follow and keep data of your sessions, making it easy for you to monitor your progress. There is a community section of the app where users can connect, share workout tips and encourage each other.

2. Runtastic

This app is suitable for people who exercise by running, biking, or jogging. It helps you keep track of all your exercising activities and set goals. It has an inbuilt GPS that is essential for biking, running, or jogging as it allows you to record your routes. You can also share your achievements with others via the share feature. It even has a 'My Shoes' section where you will easily monitor the tear and wear of your trainers. If you enjoy working out while listening to some soothing music, this app allows sync with Apple Music.

3. FitOn

This app offers several workout classes, including toning, HIIT, strength, cardio, yoga, and pilates. This app allows you to access courses from celebrity trainers such as Cassey Ho, Gabrielle Union, and Johnathan Van Ness. This app is available for Android and IOS devices, and most of the classes are free to access and use.

4. PEAR Personal Fitness Coach

This app is an eyes-free personal trainer that also comes with hands-free audio coaching. It offers several guided workouts that are suitable for individuals with different fitness levels. There are also numerous workout packages and trainers to hook up to help you with your training. It offers multiple trackers and can be installed on different devices that users can utilize to monitor their progress or share with friends.

5. Map My Run

If you enjoy working out, this app is for you. You can use it for different training exercises such as biking, gym workouts, cycling, walking, yoga, and cross-training. Its gear tracker can be used to track the wear and tear of your shoes and identify nearby areas to run. It also allows you to connect with over 400 devices, and you can import data to compare with yours.