The Best Stock Trading Apps

Everything in today's high-tech world has become digitized due to increased access to the internet. There are many stock trading apps that people are using daily to invest and make profits. The best of these apps offer $0 stock, and they are user-friendly hence can be used by beginners, seasoned traders, or professionals.

5 Best Stock Trading Apps

Here is a look at the best stock trading apps that you can use to trade in stock:

1. Fidelity

If you want a bug-free stock trading app and easy to use, then this app from Fidelity Investments is a good option. The application is designed to ensure user-friendly and offers 16 different currencies that you can use. This app allows you to trade in both US and non-US stocks and bonds. You can also use the pp with its sister app known as Fidelity Spire to make both short and long-term investments as per your financial goals.

It offers an outstanding experience for any investor with features such as:

  • Customizable feeds
  • Full-service brokerage
  • No trading commission
  • Tailored content and news
  • Excellent customer support and service

2. E*Trade

This app is supported by E*Trade Financial Corporation and helps you to trade in stock and bonds. Apart from being used for investment, it can also be used for banking, research, and trading. This platform is ideal for beginners who are venturing into stock trading. Users are not required to pay a commission, although the venue has set a $25 fee on all trades that use broker assistance.

Some of its features include:

  • Excellent customer care services
  • Newsfeed that offers notifications and breaking news
  • It has a unique program that protects investors from fraud.


If you want a stock trading app that offers personalized portfolios, in-depth analysis, different investment tools, and real-time data, this is for you. The platform is used by millions of traders across the globe, and it's easy to use. It offers access to numerous stock markets; hence you can trade with your favorite markets. There are no commissions charged to use it, and its widget feature makes it easy to add specific markets to your wish list.

4. Interactive Brokers

This application is offered by one of the best stockbrokers, and it is designed to optimize stock trading. This app is ideal for active and experienced traders who enjoy investing in numerous global stocks. Although there are no commission fees levied on traders, the platform tries to keep traders active by charging a fee on inactive accounts.

Interactive Brokers features are:

  • No commission fees, although inactive users experience high charges for their accounts.
  • The app can be used across Android and iOS devices.
  • Its chat tool, IBot, is exceptional.

5. eToro

eToro is one of the most utilized trading apps with millions of downloads and installations across the globe. It is an online trading platform that offers more than 2 000 financial tools and is available as a web portal and a mobile app. To use eToro, you will need to open an account and use it to trade in stocks, indices, crypto assets, ETFs, and many more. Its tools are aided by real-time data, stop-loss accounts, and analytical tools.