The Best Note-Taking Apps of 2021

Even though technology has transformed the modern office, there is still a great need to take notes for future reference. While there are many options available across multiple platforms, some note-taking applications rise above the rest. These intuitive and feature-packed apps provide a means to capture information conveniently but aren't all the same. There are advantages and areas each note-taking application excels in that warrant consideration if you're looking for a great productivity tool.

Dropbox Paper

You may already be familiar with Dropbox, a cloud storage platform, and this is another offering from the same developer. The advantage of Dropbox Paper is that it incorporates other users for a collaborative experience. For example, you can open and share a document in the app and work alongside others using a chat function. This real-time collaboration can boost productivity and get everyone on the team involved. The application's design is straightforward to navigate but does offer some robust features for more advanced users. The best part is that Dropbox Paper is available across iOS, Android, and Web platforms.


For those who utilize Microsoft Office products, you've likely seen OneNote as an option within the software suite. Because OneNote shares the Microsoft platform with other popular apps such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, it works alongside them, providing enhanced data sharing capability. Workplace collaboration is simple as OneNote can connect you with any other user and provides the latest software version on any device. The options for note-taking are flexible and include typing, utilizing a freeform pen tool for drawing and writing. Many different formatting options allow you to craft the look and even sound you want using the built-in recording feature.


Sometimes a note-taking application can be overcomplicated, and you may need a more focused and simplified experience. Simplenote provides a less feature-intensive app but includes the necessities. This app is available on several platforms, including Linux, and features organizational tags, search functionality, and collaboration. With its basic and clean user interface, Simplenote is fast for basic note-taking and will sync across multiple devices. For quick editing or comparison, a unique feature can show you previous versions of your document using a slider button. For those users who may find Dropbox Paper or OneNote overwhelming, Simplenote is something to consider for a streamlined experience.