The Best Android Games in 2021

Every year, it seems, Android users are in for a real treat, with a wide array of new games becoming available for their use. thankfully, 2021 is no exception. Regardless of the genre of game you play, you are bound to find what you are looking for on the Android. As such, here is a look at 2021's best games for Android devices.


Roblox is an old classic, and it is still a blast. While the game is largely geared towards younger users, its adult users can help to create excellent mini-games and keep the process exhilarating, fresh, and fun. Furthermore, its wide-ranging worlds provide for ample interactive experiences with new players, ensuring that people who play Roblox will not only never get bored, but meet new friends as they play the games' various offerings. 

Call of Duty: Mobile

If you are interested in the FPS or Battle Royale genre, you really don't have a choice: You have to download this entry into the franchise. Call of Duty, of course, is one of the most popular of the various FPS games available right now, and this entry is no exception. Call of Duty: Mobile takes the various aspects of the popular franchise and distills them into an easily viewable form, ensuring that users can play this games, easily control their characters, and enjoy its excellent graphics. Furthermore, it comes with ways to play, including player vs. player and 100 person Battle Royale.


There is a reason this old classic has been on so many lists like this over the years: It remains an exceptionally popular game. While it may have not seen the major upgrades as other games on this list, that's simply because the concept is so perfect and solid that there is no need to change anything. Minecraft remains an exceptional game to play, and regardless of if you are into crafting or the survival mode, you can absolutely find something to love when playing Minecraft. Furthermore, the game's popularity gives users a plethora of social options, thus ensuring that they will never get bored while playing.


Inked is a gorgeous puzzle game. Each level looks as if it was hand-drawn by a pen, and throughout the game, the artists will frequently redraw levels. Of course, as the player, you must redraw levels as well, and that's your main job: Draw the levels to solve each puzzle and move on to the next screen. Redrawing isn't your only way through this game, of course, as you also have to use a variety of on-screen elements in order to progress. The creative use of puzzles and gorgeous, hand-drawn elements make this game a must-download for anyone who is looking to twist their brain and download a unique and exciting challenge.


Gris is a unique game available for a variety of platforms, but developers recently put it on the Android for mobile playability. It is tough to argue that this is anything other than an exceptional adaptation, and this game has many extremely enviable features, including excellent mechanics, sharp graphics, and a compelling plot. It is a puzzle-platforming game that does something extremely difficult: It makes the leap to smaller screen mobile devices. 

Tabletop Racing: World Tour

Tabletop Racing: World Tour is an interesting take on the popular racing platform. You play as little cars and race around a variety of tracks. However, whereas most racing games go for hyper-realistic tracks or fantasy worlds, Tabletop Racing: World Tour makes it clear that you are racing small cars on small tracks that exist in someone's dining room. Its a unique setup, and a highly addictive one. At the same time, the game lets you upgrade your car and unlock more tracks as you play, creating some fantastic incentives to keep you racing.

Nier: Reincarnation

Nier, the brainchild of RPG legends Square Enix, is a mobile-based entry to this popular franchise. It utilizes elements of the popular Nier series and mixes RPG and Gacha mechanics, adding a healthy degree of luck to the text-based RPG. The game is free to play but does lean on microtransactions to make it easier to progress and unlock additional story elements. However, the rich story keeps players hooked, and if you like the Nier series, this one is a must download.

Among Us

Among us took 2021 by storm. Despite the fact that it was originally released in 2018, the game became hugely popular after it was covered by a variety of streamers and more or less took off from there. 2021 also saw the game get its first huge upgrade, and it was a good one: A massive new map, the airship. The game is still hugely popular, and its variety of maps and formats ensure that users can play this one without being bored. 

Slashy Camp: Endless Runner

Slashy Camp: Endless Runner is hilarious. You play as the killer of every standard teen horror movie. Your job? Kill the campers. The more campers you kill, the higher your score. This runner game is highly addictive, and it is a welcome role reversal: You are the bad guy, and your job is to kill everything and everyone in sight! There's no advanced plot, no deep story mechanics, just blood, gore, and as many dead teenagers as you can manage to make. The more you play, the more weapons you unlock, giving you a variety of new and exciting ways to kill campers in the game.