Block Story

Block Story

Block Story is a narrative driven sandbox exploration game


Block Story is a narrative driven sandbox exploration game. Despite its reliance on blocky, voxel defined visuals, it manages to create a compelling and dynamic world filled with a vast selection of monsters and NPCs. A story mode hits all the beats of the standard heroic quest, but the real experience lies in the ways it promotes player agency.

That's because Block Story doesn't just guide you through the world. It immerses you in it. Like other games in the genre, the core gameplay loop revolves around mining materials to craft new equipment for your character, change the landscape, and construct fantastic buildings. Combat is challenging, however, and the urge to discover more of the world and discover new products and materials pushes you into deeper and more dangerous territory.

At its heart, it's a game about acquisition, and Block Story is generous with what it offers. There's a huge selection of weapons and armor in a wide variety of categories, and each class of weapons has its own fundamental characteristics that make them unique to wield. It can be easy to get lost in worlds like these, but Block Story had the sense of mind to provide tutorials and recipe lists directly into the game so players always have a guide they can fall back on.

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