Bingo Pop

Bingo Pop

Bingo Pop is a fun, interactive new way to play Bingo

Jam City, Inc.

Bingo Pop is a fun, interactive new way to play Bingo.

When one thinks of a bingo game, usually the image of ones grandmother, in the company of her matriarchal peers, casting hawk-eyed glances at their respective cards under harsh florescent lights in their quest to win a new household or appliance or (in more opulent retirement homes) a short cruise to some faraway tropical resort comes to mind. In this futuristic present of 2018, however, such an austere mental image could really not be further from the norm. Thanks to applications like Bingo Pop for Android, people of all ages and demographics can enjoy a classic game of bingo on their smart phone.

Bingo Pop goes above and beyond to provide an engaging, interactive playing experience by means of their efficient playing system and eye-catching graphics. The format of the game itself remains the same, though players have a wide selection of variations to choose from. Bingo Pop takes care to add little nuances that open up the ease of playing and smooth out the learning curve through features such as a real-time number board that strikes out numbers that have already been called. Bingo Pop's fun don't stop.

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