Messenger for Android

Messenger for Android

Messenger For Android makes communication across platforms simple

Tigao Mobile

Messenger For Android makes communication across platforms simple. Through this app, users can communicate with most of their contacts in seconds. This includes contacts from Facebook, Google Talk, and even regular SMS. A user starts off by installing the app, launching it, and then connecting their login credentials to Messenger for Android. Initial setup takes less than five minutes for the average user.

From there, getting in touch with a particular contact is a breeze. Users select the contact they want to message, and then they select the platform they want to use. Messenger for Android supports nearly a dozen different communication platforms, which is more than the average competing app. Plus, a great user interface and simple controls make the app a pleasure to use on a daily basis.

In the end, Messenger for Android is a useful smartphone app with only a few pitfalls. The app tends to crash from time to time, and syncing between accounts doesn't always run smoothly. Some users may experience trouble using the app on a regular basis, while others will never experience a single issue. For that reason, Messenger for Android is easy to recommend, but it's not a perfect smartphone app.

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