Zoom is a video conference call program that is used by businesses, schools and other organizations


About Zoom

Zoom offers video conferencing directly through your mobile device. Never again will you have to worry about missing a meeting or completely rearranging your schedule to make it to a conference on time. Zoom offers high fidelity and seamless video conferencing for users directly through their mobile internet or WiFi networks.

Whether you're managing a meeting with a half dozen people or a hundred, Zoom is able to deliver the results you need. Control variables allow managers to determine who has the floor, preventing the chaos of large opening meetings while still letting everyone listen in, while integrated text messaging functionality allows you to communicate about what's happening with your peers without interrupting the meeting. The messaging service also supports group messaging, videos, and images.

If you need to convey what's happening where you are directly, the screen sharing functionality supports that. It's a great tool for when you're trying to convey a message and words aren't up to the task. And since Zoom is operated directly through your phone, you can pull from your social media and mobile contacts to easily invite colleagues and clients to your conversation.

Best of all, many of Zoom's services are free. One on one meetings never require a subscription, while group meetings under 40 minutes are similarly free of charge. Subscription plans are required for higher power users.

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