XMBC is an innovative media player for Android devices

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About XBMC

Improve your media viewing experience with the XBMC app. The XBMC app allows you to more easily operate media storage devices such as the Raspberry Pi. If you want to set up your own Wi-Fi media viewing system, then the XBMC app makes it a lot easier. The XBMC app also allows you to access the streaming services that other people have already set up. It makes the process of connecting and downloading content easier and smoother. The XBMC app also comes with helpful features, such as the ability to download closed-captioning or translations to a piece of content.

The XBMC app is easy to learn how to use. It integrates with the other media viewing devices and software that you might already be using. No matter what type of media you want to enjoy, it is likely to be compatible with the XBMC app. With the XBMC app, you can set up the navigation and menu system how you would like. The entire system is intuitively designed, which makes it ideal for people who are just getting started with their home theater setups or who are just now putting up a Wi-Fi and streaming media system in their homes.

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