Line is a messaging and calling service that allows users to communicate with their friends over a TCP/IP connection

LINE Corporation

About Line

Line is a messaging app that is comparable to Viber or Skype. With Line, you can communicate with your friends and loved ones without spending any money at all. All you need to make the connection is access to the web and a device to run the software. The software sends messages through the web, so there is no cost associated with the actual messaging service itself.

Text messages are the standard messaging system in Line, but you can also use the software to send video, sound bites, images, and more. When you send another user one of these media files, they will see it as an open file directly through the chat system. There will be no need to open an extra app to view the content.

The only real downside to this system is one that plagues all similar systems. In order to use the software with another user, both users must have the software downloaded to their device. If your friends aren't on the Line platform, they won't be accessible. Since the size of the network is fairly important for its utility, the amount of competition out there can be a problem. While the software is fine, it has no unique features.

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